Mary Nguyen, Woman Engineer, Blogger, Steminist
My goal is to simply represent the modern career woman in STEM & provide valuable resources for students, careerists, and all boss babes alike.
— Mary Nguyen

my story

The root of my journey stems from being a daughter of immigrants to becoming a first-generation college student. Watching my parents start as a blank canvas with a language barrier, lack of resources and support - their strive for success and hustle mentalities were instilled into me at a young age.

My path was the least of a straight-forward one: with English as a second language, missing guidance as a young woman trying to find her place in the world, and dabbling in several career fields before finding a passion. At 16, I obtained my first job and hustled through college. At 17, I became independent. At 21, I obtained my A.S., in General Business. Then at 25, a B.S., in Mechanical Engineering.

In a world influenced by social media where people feel more comfortable in sharing only their success, I am passionate in sharing real insights. And the only way to do so is by also opening up about commonly faced barriers. The result of my years in challenges is a multitude of lessons learned. I continually strive to turn every obstacle into an achievement and openly highlight them as wisdom.

about me

I am currently a Structural Engineer at NASA, living in Huntsville, AL. Previously, I have experienced both the health science and business fields. I have absolutely no regrets, as they’ve both offered unique aspects that I enjoyed. Not to mention, I’ve always explored potential business ideas, which makes me glad to have that background underneath my belt (but that will come later).

However, I completely love the STEM (Science, Tech, Eng and Math) field and community. As a minority of women, I’m a self-proclaimed Empoweress and STEMinist where not only do I aspire to establish confidence + fearlessness into those already on their journey, but also advocate the presence and outreach of women in STEM.

I take pride in being multi-faceted.

I am not just an engineer and I am not just a divine feminine. By title, I am a critical thinker, analyzer and problem solver. But at all times, I am a passionate food, wine and coffee lover, health devotee, fashion enthusiast, creator, brander and more.

my mission

My goal is to simply represent the modern career woman in STEM and provide valuable resources for students, careerists, and all boss babes alike. I write about things that I am either truly passionate about or know can be of enlightenment to someone else. Not only do I share insights on my journey, but also the importance of self-care + wellness, womanhood, career hacks and more.

The purpose of marynguyen.co is to be an inspirational space for femininity + success and cultivate a community of strong women. It is where intelligence and impact can coexist with beauty and style. Lastly, it is a platform where you can find encouraging tools to evolve both personally and professionally.