Combatting Lack of Motivation


what wakes you up in the morning?

I frequently get asked - how did I get through college, despite working and juggling life’s challenges? I can break down my schedule, daily routine, goals/tasks, and it still wouldn’t mean anything without being backed up by my passion and vision. After graduating with my first degree, feeling lost and returning to college with a different career path - the biggest factor in my achievements was through maintaining the vision of the woman I wanted to be & striving everyday to become her.

Yes, it sounds very cliche, but it’s what helped me overcome many of my barriers. What woke me up in the mornings was knowing that my vision and goals were dependent on what I was about to do for the day. So if you’re not currently excited to get up out of the bed in the morning, ask yourself “why?”

Are you currently unhappy with your job? Not exactly where you want to be in life? What is truly holding you back from happiness here? Because truthfully, we may not have control over our circumstances, but we do have control over how we move forward. The key is to use what you’re lacking, as a motivational push, rather than a hindrance.

In other words, if I know that I’m not particularly happy with my current career path, then what gets me out of bed in the morning should be my WANT to research a new path or apply for a new job. If I’m unhappy with the way I look or feel, then I should jump out of bed looking forward to a gym session.

I use should a lot above, because ideally that’s how it would work, but it often doesn’t. Reality is - we get comfortable, complacent or discouraged. Sometimes, it’s simply because we don’t even know where to start.

the “motivational chain effect”

Basically, if you lack motivation to pursue a goal, to make a change or to even get started, then do something, anything.

The current mindset and theory behind motivation many of us have in accomplishing our goals, is that we need it in order to pursue something. In other words, it has to be already present. You might even start searching for sources like motivational quotes, podcasts, inspiration on social media, etc. But what actually ends up happening is that you get stuck searching and scrolling, which still causes you to be unproductive (and your tasks are still left uncompleted).

I completely understand - we’re all tired. Some days I feel like superwoman, ready to take on any and every task head on. Yet, I also often come home from a long day of work with absolutely no energy or motivation to focus on anything else. We all tell ourselves “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll have a better idea of how to execute it down the road, so I don’t need to tend to it right now.” Whatever the situation may be, motivation ALWAYS has an expiration date.

So how do we combat this?

I like referring to the “Motivation Chain Effect” shared to me a while back. Basically, it’s not just a “three-part chain, but an endless loop”. Where, most people currently think of motivation like this:

Inspiration > Motivation > Action > Inspiration > Motivation > Action > Etc.

Looking above, you can see withing the chain that action actually creates further inspiration and motivation. Using that knowledge, we can shift our mindset to instead, see motivation like this:

Action > Inspiration > Motivation

Basically, if you lack motivation to pursue a goal, to make a change or to even get started, then do something, anything. Taking action helps you get into the mode of tackling a problem or getting into the rhythm of what it is you need to do. Have you ever lacked motivation, but once you started, you didn’t want to stop? Take the inspiration and motivation driven from your action to further create more inspiration and motivation.

Instead of waiting for motivation first, take action first.