Hectic Schedule? Meal-Prepping is a Game Changer


Before my social media became career focused, it was filled with nothing but food and meal-preps (unfortunately, I ditched my then IG and started over). I started meal-prepping in college as a time and money saver, but it became such a huge part of my lifestyle, that I still do it now in my career.

It’s been a total of 6+ years since doing so and I don’t plan to stop until I can afford a personal chef (lol!). I’m such an advocate for it that I did my final Systems Engineering project on it, where I demonstrated its step processes and overall time reduction. So now, I’m going to share FAQ with you guys (plus a couple of pics from my previous meals)!

What is meal-prepping?

It’s the process of preparing a number of meals for the week in advance. Everyone meal-preps on different days. I like to do mine on Sundays so that I can start “fresh” on Monday. Typically, I prepare enough meals for Mon-Thurs or Mon-Fri (depending if I want to go out on Friday).

How to find meal inspirations?

Pinterest is my go-to for meal-prep and recipe ideas. But don’t overthink it. I usually just resort to meals I really enjoy or stumble upon from eating out and make more simpler versions of them in large quantities.

How much does it really save?

For just myself, I generally spend around $50-$75 on groceries. Worst case scenario: I spend $75 and get 12 meals out of it + snacks (3 meals per day - brekkie, lunch and dinner). That’s still only $6.25 per meal, for wholesome, healthy meals plus snacks to munch on. Some will argue that fast food is cheaper/faster, which is completely fine! I just know that the Freshman 15 was real for me and my body really feels it when I eat too much processed foods.

I also spend about 3-4 hours every Sunday shopping, cooking + cleaning. This is a if-I-really-take-my-time kind of time-frame. After meal-prepping for a while, I’ve learned how to be super efficient and can cook all of my meals in as fast as 50 minutes - 1 hour. It takes time and practice, but it’s worth avoiding having to do any of this during the weekdays!

How to keep meals fresh?

I have an insulated lunch bag that I keep my food in for on the go. Some are really on edge about the whole bacterial growth thing, but I’ve never had problems. There are microwaves almost every where at the Uni I was at and I’d of course, keep my lunch refrigerated at work. Plus, if I really knew that I couldn’t heat up my lunch for the week, I’d resort to things like mason jar salads, cold noodles, zoodles, etc.

what if you hate “reheating”?

There are definitely other options and routes to take. I know people who will either prepare a variety of meals in advance…OR cook batches of protein in advance and then prepare different meals with it day by day. If you’re really wanting to save time as far as cooking/eating, it’s important to experiment a little and figure out what’s best for you!